When Remodeling a Bathroom…

There are new things to learn every day, if only we have eyes to see them!

I’d learned a few things about toilets over the years, and I thought some of these might prove useful to others.

First, I always replace rusty tank bolts with brass ones.  I do this when I move into a new-to-me house.  It’s just something I do.  I dislike rusty bolts and I dislike dirty tank water.  Brass won’t rust and it’s an easy fix.

Second, when I had to replace a toilet, I chose a chair height toilet.  I didn’t even realize they were available when I headed to Home Depot but I didn’t need convincing to buy one.  It’s easier on the knees and back.  Great for older folks and those with arthritis and simply anyone who wants an easier toilet to sit on and rise from.

Third, teach your sons to replace toilet seats.  Enough said.

The next two things I learned from cleaning rental cabins; their toilets all have these great features.

Fourth, you know that little oval-shaped handle that turns the water to the toilet off and on?  Well, you can purchase one of these connectors that slips easily from off to on – no more endless turning of this handle when the toilet is overflowing.

Fifth, newer toilets have eliminated the rim under the seat – the part with the holes for water to wash away waste.  If you recall, this is also the part that is really difficult to see when cleaning.  New ones have no lip – it’s slanted, and you can also see the holes.  No more acrobatic configurations trying to see if the toilet is clean!

I realize this information is not exactly life-changing.  But, these are all simple fixes that can help save frustration.  And that is worth writing about!




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