The Perils of a Scrap Metal Man…

Oh, I just love it here in the mountains! On Thursday morning, my neighbor’s nephew came to pick up an old pickup and haul it away for scrap. I like this young man.  He’s a bear of a guy with muscles that can single-handedly pick up a twisted metal I-beam – and he has a heart of gold.

Anyway, I headed over to where he was working with his ramp hoist to get the hook and cable attached to the front of the old pickup. He was working VERY gingerly around the tall weeds surrounding the vehicle and when he opened the door with his fingertips, it seemed as if he wished he had a ten-foot pole. I asked why.

“Snakes!” he replied in a semi-whisper.  He explained that a copperhead had started crawling up his leg a few years ago. The snake must’ve been cold, and his warm leg, covered by jeans, looked like a great place to stay warm.

Now, I like snakes. It surely helps that I’ve also never been bitten by a snake. So this young man’s single-word utterance only piqued my curiosity and I eagerly hung around, hoping to catch a sight of a snake.

No such luck.

But my neighbor received a call from him later that afternoon. As he was driving down the road, he looked back to check on the truck aboard his ramp hoist. He noticed dozens of snakes swarming out of the truck and falling onto the roadway!

And when he opened the hood of the truck at the junk yard, a coiled copperhead perched on the engine hissed a “Hello!”

I missed it all!

But wait…

He has to come back for the second car! And it’s a small convertible, sits a LOT lower to the ground than the pickup.

Oh boy!

Here I am, all excited about the prospect. And the poor fellow is probably dreading the idea of having to wallow around in the tall weeds feeling his way under the car to attach the hooks, then opening the hood and door of the vehicle (he removes the battery and puts the vehicle in neutral to get in on the hoist.)

It might be another week or two before that second car gets towed away!

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